is a worldwide supplier of innovative lubricants, petroleum fortifiers, fuel enhancers and trusted, reputable partner in sourcing or trading quality petroleum products as well as OEM or private labeling of products.


LUBRI-LOY's products are primarily designed to fight friction with increase lubricity and to achieve maximum performance, protection and efficiency of the engine or equipment in which it is used. Our array of products helps you protect your investment.


REVIVE, our signature product, bonds at the molecular level with oil and creates a tenacious matrix. REVIVE is a high-tech oil fortifier proved to improve performance and exponentially extend the life of any lubricated equipment, including engines, gear boxes and hydraulic systems for the industrial and automotive industries.


IMPACT is a versatile multipurpose extreme pressure, anti-wear grease that is specially formulated for high temperature usage in all types of heavy duty equipment. IMPACT protects the equipment even under the most adverse conditions of excessive pressures, heat/cold and high/low speeds through a unique combination of molydenum disulfides. IMPACT is the result of using the latest technologies in additives, combined with viscosity index base oils, offering extended protection against corrosion, wear, and providing resistance to extreme acid and chemical conditions.


HQ2000 is designed to complement the total fuel system. This conditioner and treatment formulated for all gasoline engines increases lubricity on the upper cylinders. This multi-purpose gasoline conditioner also exceeds industry standards for deposit control.


DIESELFIX, a non-metallic, concentrated diesel-fuel conditioner, works to clean and maintain fuel systems and was created to maximize diesel engine performance. DIESELFIX is designed to comply and coincide with increasing EPA Standards and Emission Regulations scheduled to be enforced by 2006.



Engine oil additives and Fortifiers
Motor oil Fortifier, REVIVE
SAE grades Engine oils
Anti Acids, Anti Friction, Anti Oxidizer
Viscosity index modifiers
Industrial lubricant specialties
Automobile Driveline Enhancers:
Diesel DFC
Gasoline HQ
Temperature/Pressure Resistant Greases
IMPACT 2, Industrial Grade
IMPACT FG, Food Grade
Powder_EP Grease Additives
Industrial specialties and chemicals
Diesel cetane improver
Gasoline octane improver
Heavy oil modifier; HOAW
Diesel Cold Flow Modifiers
Fuel Emission Improvers
Hydraulic fluid
Aerosol products


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